FM-R186 Rim Brake Road Frame

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Size: 50cm
Color: Purple Glossy+Tideace decal

Model No.:  FM-R186

Bottom bracket: T47

Size: 50cm/53cm/56cm/59cm

Material: full carbon fiber

Seat Post:  specified

Max tires: 700*28C

Headset: 1 1/8''-1 1/2'' tapered

Weight: 1240g+/-60g (56cm)

Axle Spec.: rear 130*9 and front 100x9

Brake: C-Brake

Size: 50cm
Color: Purple Glossy+Tideace decal


700*28C Carbon Rim Brake Bike Frame


Rim Brake 700C Carbon Road Racing Bike Frame!

  • Racing: With its core made of stiffness, lightness, and aerodynamic prowess, the R186 is engineered for peak performance. Every aspect of this frame is crafted for racers who demand nothing less than the best.
  • Braking System: Braking system is V Brake, Quick Release Dropout.
  • Internal routing cable: The internal routing design features a well-organized and efficient wiring system that runs through the upper tube of the frame head. This not only simplifies the overall appearance but also adds an element of beauty to the bicycle's structure. By concealing the cables within the frame, it offers a clean and uncluttered look, enhancing the bike's visual appeal while maintaining its functionality.
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Best Road Frame

This carbon road racing bicycle frameset boasts remarkable versatility, making it an excellent companion for extended road trips, club meets, and competitive racing alike.


Carbon fiber is a very light material, which can make a significant difference in the overall weight of the bike. A lighter bike can improve acceleration, climbing performance, and handling.

Max Tires

For max 700*28C tires

T47 Bottom Bracket

FM-R185 road racing cycling bike frame uses T47 bottom bracket, it compatible with both DI2 and Mechanical systems, for optimal Performance.

Super Light Rim Brake Bike Frameset

T47 700C Hot Selling Road Bike Frames

700C road racing bicycle frameset

FM-R186 Geometry

Experience the epitome of design and performance with the R186 Carbon Racing Road Bike Frames High Performance, Crafted with precision, this frame serves as a blend of innovation, efficiency, and speed, offering an unparalleled cycling experience.

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Road Bike Frames Quick Release Description

With its meticulous technical specifications, R186 super light carbon frame caters to serious cyclists seeking a competitive edge. The frame's dimensions are tailored to provide optimal performance, and its minimal weight enhances maneuverability. Additionally, the R186 offers broad compatibility with various cycling components, making it a versatile choice for any cyclist.

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Its durable construction ensures that you'll enjoy a smooth and reliable riding experience for years to come, making it a sound investment for any serious cyclist.

Headset Size: 1-1/2 TO 1-1/8

T47 carbon road rim brake bicycle frames

Flexible tire compatibility

Road-smoothing super light carbon Rim brake bicycle frame and clearance for up to 700*28C tires absorbs fatiguing bumps in the road for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

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T47 Thread Bottom Bracket

T47 bottom bracket shells are threaded shells that have a diameter of 47 millimeters. This can lead to increased stiffness and better power transfer.

carbon road bike frames 50cm

Rim Brake Braking System

The rear quick release is 9*130mm, allowing for compatibility with component sizes. We also have the disc brake choice --- FM-R185 Disc brake road bike frame.