Mountain Bike Frame

A 27.5er carbon rigid boost mountain bike frame is a specific type of frame designed for off-road cycling with some key characteristics:

  • Material: Carbon fiber - This makes the frame lightweight and stiff, resulting in a very efficient ride.

  • Wheel size: 27.5er - This is a common size for mountain bikes and offers a good balance between handling and rolling efficiency.

  • Suspension: Rigid - This means the frame doesn't have any suspension components, making it lighter than full-suspension bikes. Rigid frames are great for climbing and smoother terrain, but less comfortable on rough trails.

  • Boost spacing: Boost refers to a wider spacing of the hubs at the wheels. This allows for stiffer wheels and better chain line compatibility with modern mountain bike drive trains.

Overall, a 27.5er carbon rigid boost mountain bike frame is a good option for riders who prioritize efficiency and light weight for climbing and smoother single track riding.

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