HB003 Carbon Handlebar

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Finish: 12K glossy
Riser: 25mm
Mold: HB003
Recline angle: 8 degree
Lifting Height: 25mm/35mm
Clamping tightening torque: 6NM
Total Length: 800mm
Clamp Diameter: 35mm
Weigth: 260g
Weave:12K Glossy
Length (Center of grip to center of grip): 800mm Cuttable
Finish: 12K glossy
Riser: 25mm

Carbon Mountain Bike Riser Handlebars

25mm/35mm riser 12K finish

carbon mountain bike handlebars

HB003 Geometry

The HB003 Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebar is a race proven downhill handlebar, available in 25mm and 35mm rise options.

carbon riser handlebar

Suitable for a variety of cycling disciplines

Carbon mountain bike riser handlebars adds strength and saves weight. This trail-tough bar has an oversized 31.8mm diameter, and it's built with Full carbon fiber so it's strong enough for even the most demanding trails and compliant enough for comfort on long descents and rugged terrain.

carbon mtb bike handlebars

Grip Diameter

The 'riser' design offers enhanced control and comfort, enabling you to navigate tricky trails with ease.

Diameter: 22.2mm

riser mtb bike handlebars

Torque range within 6NM

This unique feature gives you superior control and comfort, allowing you to navigate challenging terrains with ease.

carbon mountain bicycle handlebar 800mm

Stem end clamp diameter

The stem end clamp diameter is 35mm for this full carbon mountain bicycle riser handlebars.

china carbon mountain bike handlebars


Impact testing 100% passed for 800mm carbon mountain bike handlebars. Cut marks on each side for easy width customization.