FM-GV201 NOAH Carbon Gravel Bike Frame

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Size: 49cm
Color: White glossy with Tideace Decal
Model No.: NOAH-GV201

Fork: GV-FK201

Material:Toray T800+T1000 carbon+Blow molding technology

Sizes: 49/52/54/56/58CM

Rear spacing: rear 142*12mm

Fork spacing: 100*12mm, support suspension fork

Seatpost: 27.2mm, support dropper seatpost

Brake: flat mount disc brake 140/160mm

Rear hanger: UDH

Headset: 1-1/2" 52MM

Max Tire: 700*50C/27.5erx2.1'

Bottom Bracket: T47(86mm)

Reach: 49/52/54/56/58cm: 391/396/400/404/407mm

Stack: 49/52/54/56/58cm: 527/542/562/582/602mm

Storage box: included, patented storage box, free internal storage bag.

Weight: frame 1150+/-40g(52CM), fork 470+/-15g, seatpost170+/-15g

Size: 49cm
Color: White glossy with Tideace Decal


UDH Carbon Carbon Gravel Bike Frames

Tideacebike Gravel Frame Full Carbon T1000 Max 700x50C or 27.5erx2.1 Tires Bicycle Cyclocross Frameset T47 Bottom Bracket

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Tideace UDH Gravel Frame Full Carbon T800 T1000 Max 700x50C or 27.5erx2.1 Tires Bicycle Cyclocross Frameset T47 Bottom Bracket

GV201 NOAH Carbon Gravel Bike Frame

700x50C or 27.5erx2.1 Tires Bicycle Cyclocross Frameset T47

cycling road gravel bicycle frameset

GV201 Geometry

The geometry of the GV201 carbon gravel bike frame will affect how the bike handles. Gravel bikes typically have a slacker head tube angle and longer wheelbase than road bikes, which provides more stability on rough terrain.

carbon gravel bike frameset

NOAH Carbon Gravel Frames

This is a common type of carbon fiber used in bike frames. It offers a good balance of stiffness, strength, and weight. this combination could make the frame strong and lightweight.

super light carbon gravel frame

PU Blow molding

It's not entirely clear what this technology is, but it likely refers to a manufacturing process for the frame. PU likely refers to polyurethane, a material sometimes used in bike frame

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The "1-1/2" in a 1-1/2 and 1-1/2 headset refers to the diameter of the head tube (the part of the bicycle frame that the fork steerer tube fits into) and the down tube (the tube that goes from the head tube to the bottom bracket). A 1-1/2 and 1-1/2 headset is designed for use with a bicycle frame that has a head tube and down tube with a diameter of 1.5 inches.

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Magnetic storage box design with free storage bag

This is a unique feature that allows you to store tools or other small items inside the frame. The magnetic design would likely make it easy to access the storage box.

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Support dropper seatpost: A dropper seatpost allows you to lower the seat from the handlebar remotely, which can be helpful for technical descents or when you need to put your foot down quickly.

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Support Suspension Fork

This means the frame is designed to work with a suspension fork, which can help absorb bumps and vibrations on rough terrain.

T47 carbon gravel bike

T47 Bottom Bracket

The T47 bottom bracket is a newer bottom bracket standard that is becoming increasingly popular with custom frame builders and some larger frame manufacturers. It is a threaded standard that uses a 47mm diameter shell with threads on the inside. This allows for a larger bearing interface than traditional BSA threaded bottom brackets, which can lead to increased stiffness and better power transfer. T47 bottom brackets are also compatible with a wider range of cranksets than BSA bottom brackets.

UDH carbon gravel frame

Disc Brake System

140mm Disc Brake carbon road bicycle frame, it is possible to install a 160mm rotor using a convension seat.

58cm carbon gravel frames

Max Tires

Max Tire: 700*50C/27.5erx2.1'